February 19, 2019

At some time or another, you’ve heard stories about bad experiences buying a used car. There are tales of untold accidents, mechanical issues just below the surface, and poorly maintained vehicles that are like a ticking timebomb. We all know that most used cars are nothing like that, and those are the experiences of the few, not the majority. But how do you avoid becoming one of the few?

Here’s what to avoid when you’re in the market for a used car.

Avoid cars with an undisclosed history

Everything might look good on the surface, but there could be secrets lurking beneath. A vehicle that has been repaired after a major accident can often be the one that causes headaches for the buyer.

When you’re shopping for a car, always ask for a detailed vehicle history report like a CarFax report. If the seller isn’t willing to provide the report, ask yourself why. It could be because they are hiding an issue with the vehicle’s history, and possibly something that hasn’t been repaired correctly.

Avoid pushy sales tactics

When you’re the one paying money for a car, you’re in the driver’s seat of the transaction. A salesperson is there to facilitate your purchase and help you find the right vehicle for your needs. But if the salesperson is pushing you towards a vehicle you don’t want or need, or if they are pressuring you to make a decision you’re not prepared to make, stop! Walk away from the sale or speak to a manager instead. A used car purchase should never be made in haste or under duress.

Avoid private sales

You may think that dealerships charge more for the same vehicle as a private sale, but that’s not the case. Most dealerships price used vehicles according to the market value, comparable to private sales. In fact, there’s much more security in buying from a dealership than privately. During a private sale, you don’t have the same protection as you do when buying from a dealership. You’re not going to get any after-sales service, so if there’s a problem with your used car, you’re on your own. When you a used car from a dealership, you’re buying from someone who stands behind the product they sell. It’s in their interest to honour their word because their future business depends on how they treat their customers.

Car Loans Now partners with reputable dealers from across the country to provide our customers with the best used cars in a safe environment. We won’t hide the details from you, and you always have a choice when you’re buying a car. If you have any questions or concerns about how Car Loans Now helps our customers, call us or email us today!