February 17, 2019

Jason grew up in Suburbia, the third of four children born to young parents. The family wasn’t well-to-do by any means, but they had enough to get by. While money had to be stretched to make ends meet, it was a happy life.

The shift to adulthood was where things went sideways. Jason got a job. He moved out of his parents’ house and made money. It was a foreign concept to have extra money, so it was used to buy things that were of little importance. A few toys here and there, a night out on the town buying drinks for buddies, and a few credit cards to use between paydays, when cash got tight.

Unfortunately, bad debt accumulated. Credit cards reached their limits, and bill payments ended up paid eventually, although habitually late. After a while living like this, all of Jason’s credit cards were cancelled by the provider, then sent to collections. While working full-time at a decent job, Jason had literally no money to pay his own way. He went back to live with his parents out of pure necessity.

Jason hadn’t learned how to handle his money. The story is all too common today, with credit card debt loads higher than ever in history. But the story isn’t finished.

Jason met his future wife, and got his act together. With a helping hand from his parents, he managed to get a loan for a car. He whittled away at that mound of debt until one day, all that was left was a manageable car payment. Jason was on his way to financial security.

It’s not the end yet, because it can take years to repair credit history. Jason got married, and with his wife’s help, the pair now live free of the bad credit that Jason got himself into.

The story goes on, because it’s my story. It’s not fiction; it’s real life. I personally know the depths of despair that come with bad credit. It feels like a prison with no chance of parole. And you simply can’t get out on your own.

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