Can a Divorce Hurt Your Credit

October 6, 2018

Like the United States, divorce rates in Canada are approaching 50 percent. That means nearly 1 in 2 relationships will end in that messy battle between two angry partners. Things get heated and both parties can want to get the other in a position that hurts. And, while it’s not often thought about while in the midst of a divorce, it can damage your credit score.

How to Get Ready for Your Road Trip

October 6, 2018

If you’re someone that loves to drive, you’ve probably taken the highway over the airport for a vacation at some point.

I’d Like to Tell You Jason’s Story

October 6, 2018

Jason grew up in Suburbia, the third of four children born to young parents. The family wasn’t well-to-do by any means

Top 5 Ways for Better Debt Management

October 6, 2018

An old-school perspective says that any debt is bad debt. In today’s world, that’s simply not true.

What to Avoid in a Used Car

October 6, 2018

At some time or another, you’ve heard stories about bad experiences buying a used car.

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